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Green's Custard 50 ml Full Vaping Green With Raspberry, Lemon, and Green Mint. Fresh, fruity and surprising! Galago Twelve Monkeys Origins 50 ml. A sweet Cocktail with Grape Juice and spirited Lychee to awaken your taste buds. Papio Twelve Monkeys Origins 50 ml. A juicy and vibrant Pineapple for the vaping pleasures. Lemur Twelve Monkeys Origins 50 ml. Lemon and Lime, notes of light Citrus Fruits chilled with Menthol.

Saimiri Twelve Monkeys Origins 50 ml. A velvet, juicy and near enough gourmet mixture of ripe Strawberries and Coconut. Cola Cabana 50ml Dinner Lady. Riggs Cop Juice 50 ml. Torque 56 Shake 'n' Vape 50 ml. An authentic and powerful experience in taste with this robust Classic. Green Full Moon 50 ml. Purple Full Moon 50 ml. An alliance between fruity and subtle Grapes and Apple.

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To be discovered. Red Full Moon 50 ml. With Mango, Pineapple, and a mysterious Red Fruit which is light acidic. Blue Full Moon 50 ml. A combination of Iced Cherry with Fresh Mint. A superb sensation of freshness. Kaneda E Liquid - Tokyopolis by Swoke 60 ml. An inclassable juice with notes of Vanilla, Cactus, Yuzu and Lime for an experience of unique vape. Jin Custard Z.

Clone 60 Ml Swoke. Composed in Cactus and Wild berries, the Clone offers a tasty voyage faster than the speed of light for your taste buds. Green Flash Vaporigins 80 ml. Watermelon Fresh and Sweet 50 Ml. Guaranteed freshness. Exotic Fresh and Sweet 50 Ml. Very Fresh and Sweet. Pineapple Fresh and Sweet 50 Ml. The Pineapple E Liquid is a sweet, juicy and fresh Pineapple. Mango Fresh and Sweet 50 Ml. Notice to Mango lovers, the Mango E Liquid is a powerful all day liquid, A perfect balance of a sweet and fresh Mango.

Classic RY4 50 Ml Cirkus. Classic Blond spices up the point of Caramel in roundness. A gourmet and authentic Classic. Classic FR 50 Ml Cirkus. An authentic flavour of a Classic Blond. A real compagnon for an everyday vape. Polar Mint 50 Ml Cirkus. Welcome to Antarctica where you can breathe real cold arctic air. Fresh Blackcurrant 50 Ml Cirkus. A Blackcurrant between fruit and candy, refreshing with a hint of Menthol. Red Absinth 50 Ml Cirkus. The perfect balance between freshness of Absinth and softness of Red Fruits. Watermelon Mix 50 Ml Cirkus.

A fresh mixture of fruits such as Watermelon and Melon. A real summer vape whole year round. Raspberry Mango Mix 50 Ml Cirkus. A juicy Mango heightened by the light acidic of Sunshine Raspberry. Sweet Classic Wanted 50 ml. This E Liquid is straight from the tender heart: a blond base and cereal on a bed of Creme Caramel. Gourmet Classic Wanted 50 ml. Under the frontal of Classic Blond, you can the unctuous Vanilla Bourbon associated with a biscuit.

Reserve Classic Wanted 50 ml. Nektar Frukt 50 ml. To endure the Summer. Blackberry Fresh and Sweet 50 Ml. Tallak Fresh Vape Institut 50 ml. The perfect alliance between gourmet and freshness. Carnage Vape Institut 50 ml. All with a light hint of Menthol. Sweet Flower 50 ml - Candy Shop. Sweet Flower is a soft gourmet of Violet. Bubble Gum 50 ml Candy Shop. A familiar Rose Bubble Gum flavour, the same from your Childhood. Candy Colors 50 ml Candy Shop. Like the real acidic Candy from your Childhood. Mantaro Amazone 50 ml. Japura Amazone 50 ml. A Blackcurrant Lemonade with a mixture of red Fruits and a hint of freshness.

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Sweet Strawberry 50 ml Candy Shop. An authentic, hydrating and very sweet Strawberry. The Castle Long Reserve comes back with the new edition! Savour and old and oaky e liquid. A subtle mixture of light Classic Blond, Vanilla Cookie. With a hint of Coconut to finish. Relax ml.

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A mixture of Classic Blond with a light touch of Vanilla Coffee. Famous ml.

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A harmonious Vanilla Cookie with notes of Shelled Fruits. Tropical Chill Frost and Furious 50 ml. Cold sweat in the jungle! Tropical Chill is a very fresh tropical fruit cocktail. Pink Pong Danger Swoke.

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A grapefruit accompanied with freshly picked oranges and lightly sweet Strawberry on a bed of Iced Lemonade Mosquito Danger Swoke. Lemonade on Ice Frost and Furious 50 ml. A good pair of Lemon slacks! Especially a very sweet and fresh Lemonade. Mango F. Drip Team Swoke. The Mango F. C is balanced which does not miss flavours and surprising aromas of Red Fruits and Mango at all posts. Strawberry City Drip Team Swoke. Blue Granite Frost and Furious 50 ml. Blue fear in the woods! This Blue Granite is composed of Blueberrries, refreshing with a touch of Aniseed.

Cherry Frost Frost and Furious 50 ml. The most authentic of all Cherries, but with a few Ice Cubes. Cherry Shivers.

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Frozen Monkey Frost and Furious 50 ml. A very fresh and ripe Mango. Authentic barbarian islands. Magic Vape Institut 50 ml. A fresh Pear, complete with a touch of Mango and Orange. Mangaya Twist 20ml. Pixel 50 Ml Swoke. A cocktail of red fruits: strawberry - raspberry - fruits of the forest, 50ml bottle ready to use for Mix'n'Vape. Pipeline Blend Reserve 50 ml.

Lightly sweet,subtle hints of Hazelnut and Vanilla, you will find the Classic taste. Strawberry Madeleine - La Bonne Vape. The one, unique French Butter. A delicious Shortbread Biscuit, which will remind you of the beautiful era. A delicate flavour which faithfully reproduce crunchy and crumbled Shortbread covered with sweet savory Apples. Skeedz Eggz by Furiosa. A prismatic Concentrate of Exotic Candy! Ultron Eggz by Furiosa. An ultra fresh nectar of Blackcurrant and Grapefruit Flesh. Mallok Vape Institut 50 ml.

A wise mixture, which is very complex but has a balance of Vanilla and Caramel with a multitude of Nuts. Aserah Vape Institut 50 ml. Carnage Vape Institut ml. Lucky Lemon Lucky 50 ml. Rice Pudding with a hint of Lemon and Coconut Veloute! Lucky Mango Lucky 50 ml. Flavours of Rice, Mango and Coconut Milk. Cinema Reserve Act 2 ml - Clouds of Titan Vaporigins Galaxy 50 ml. Praline Waffles with Stellar Chips. Saturn Vaporigins Galaxy 50 ml.

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A unique taste of atomized Fruit Jellies. French E Liquid ready to boost. Apollo Vaporigins Galaxy 50 ml. A trio of gravitational Apples. Available in 40 ml and 50 ml, ready to boost. Do not chew your words. Two fruits full of character, Blue and BlackBerries. A sweet duo, acidic and balanced. Discover the balanced flavours and sweet acidic sensations of this duo Apple and Raspberry.

Strawberry Tart Tasty Collection 50 ml. A real Strawberry Tart from the tasty Collection, like you walked straight out of the Bakery with your preferred Vanilla Cream Tasty Collection 50 ml. Unctuous, deliciously perfumed and Vanilla, the Vanilla Cream E Liquid will remind you of your preferred dessert. Bubble Gum Tasty Collection 50 ml. A unique Strawberry bubblegum, sweet and acidic. Denim Curieux 40 ml. An American Classic embellished with grilled Sweetcorn.

Dentelle Curieux 40 ml. A French Classic embellished with flavours of a crusty Baguette, straight out of the oven. Galuchat Curieux 40 ml. A Classic with dominating character of Coffee, Biscuit and Hazelnut.

With Vegetol. Kilim Curieux 40 ml. A Classic with Spices in richness and depth Tweed Curieux 40 ml. A Menthol Classic with notes of Berries and Pepper. Trexx Swag Juice 50 ml. Make the most of this fresh Peach mixture, with mysterious exotic fruits!

Supra Swag Juice 50 ml. A mixture of fruity Strawberries with a touch of tropical fruits. Tarte Tatin Curieux 50 ml. Devour an Apple Tart made with Caramelised Apples with a tasty dough and cinnamon. A delicious Creme Brulee , milky sweetness, Vanilla and Caramel. Baba au Rhum Curieux 50 ml. A gourmet Baba au Rhum with butter and shelled fruits, with Golden Rhum. Bite into this sweet and juicy Peach enveloped with generous Whipped Cream.

Salted Butter Caramel Caramel Beurre The famous Breton Salted Butter Caramel will melt you with pleasure. Sweet Mango, left to ripe under the sun, sublime with acidic Raspberries,enrobed with the a wave of freshness. Rendez-Vous Olala Vape - 50ml. Vape the return of a Classic Blond crowned with Floral Notes.

Cactus Dictator 50ml. A hint of Cactus on a bed of Koolada. Enough to refresh the Latino American. Dulce Dictator 50ml. A triple Vanilla accompanied with Caramel and a touch of Whisky for honour! Delicio Dictator 50ml. A Milky Tart with Pecan Nuts. A delicious taste to fall for the Dictator. Clone 10ml - Swoke. Composed in Cactus and Wild berries, the Clone offers a tasty voyage. A White Grape juice, refreshing and autumnal A delicious drink which will seduce you.

Puris Twelve Monkeys Origins 50 ml. A Peach Lemonade, incredible refreshing, enhanced with Citrus Fruits. Offer yourself a fruity whirlwind combined with Passion Fruit, enhanced with Raspberry and Strawberry. Zheying Ladybug Juice 50 ml. In a 50 ml version, a red fruits lemonade, with notes of Violet Candy.

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