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Astrology for the Soul May 3, Kaypacha Lescher. Note: Excellent report from Kaypacha, very revealing in exposing the true nature of all the attacks coming out this week against SSP whistleblowers, and how are related to Black Moon Lilith entering Sagitarrius for the next 10 months.

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These, together with your calculated chart and Horoscope Interpretation Guide — also included — will help prepare you for this extraordinary Soul Journey! Adam and Kaypacha first met over 15 years ago and instantly formed a deep bond of friendship and commitment to serving the evolution of human consciousness. In combining their proven methods of chart delineation and years of counseling many thousands of people, they will be delivering an incredible transmission of both the evolutionary trajectory and deepest heart wisdom within each of us.

This alchemy supports a clear path out of separation and into a deeply intimate, sacred life.

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Having been friends through all these years, they are super excited to combine their unique perspectives to offer you a most amazing retreat. We hope you can join us! On the first or second day after our arrival in Thimpu, Kaypacha and Adam will welcome us with a ceremony to create a sacred container for our precious retreat together.

There will also be plenty of time to stroll and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the historic city of Thimphu! We will spend the day learning Vedic Buddhist astrology at the Monastic Astrology College of Pangri Zampa, founded in the early 16th century.

He will instruct our group in English on the history and fundamentals of Vedic Buddhist astrology. This locale is also home to the Druk Wangyel Chorten , a site of stupas commissioned by the queen mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck for the well-being of all sentient beings. Days 6 — 8 and 10 — 12 are the astrological heart of our journey. This is our retreat within the retreat, where we will immerse ourselves in the combined wisdom and teachings of Adam Gainsburg and Kaypacha. We leave Punakha for Paro after breakfast. After arrival in Paro and check in to our resort:.

Lunch: — p. Astrology Class: — p. Dinner: — p. Gathering: — p.

Astrology for the Soul September 11, 2019

Yoga: — a. Breakfast: — a. Astrology Class: a. Dinner — p. This is an uphill trek of about 3 hours. The first hour and a half gets you to the cafe where there is a clear and stunning view of the monastery. There is an option to ride a pony up this far. After lunch you can choose one of the following:. Closing Circle: — p. There will be a short ceremony led by Kaypacha and Adam to seal in the teachings, honor our host country and give thanks for our journey together — this once-in-a-lifetime-trip!

For those departing on this day, we will say our farewells after breakfast to each other and our guide s and head to the airport.

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Surrendering means trusting that life is inherently good and that truth will set us free. But how can this be accomplished if we are still informed by our sub-conscious patterns, the past and cherished illusions? Join Sol for a deep journey into Neptune as it struggles to keep it real while trying to talk to the other planets. What do you need to truly take care of yourself? We will explore the nature of the Moon through the twelve zodiac signs, how the moon can be used to track our own personal cycles as well as how to experience astrology through a direct personal and emotional connection.

The Sun does not rise in Aries on March 21st Spring day of the North despite this point marking the beginning of the zodiac in our chart. There are three different zodiacs: The Tropical which we are most familiar with at this conference , the Sidereal used more prominently by Vedic astrologers, and the Constellational which is Astronomy based.

Currently, many astrologers are attaching great significance to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, However, we need to understand this astrological event is part of a larger wave that culminates in an energetic shift from Capricorn to Aquarius, along with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius on the Winter Solstice of Every moment is a divine expression of perfect alignment. Like a brilliant and complex composition, the song of life reflects every possible nuance of emotion and mood ever known and unknown.

Your chart is the song of the cosmos, and when we are awake, we live our chart as a vibrant living song with infinite harmonies and influctions.

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In this experiential class we will sing our own songs! As a group we will channel melodies and write the poetry of a few volunteers and their natal charts as well as open to doors for each of us to compose our very own personal song. Ari Moshe will facilitate this journey with astrological interpretation and teaching along with his inspired song muse. Personal and impersonal love, conditional and unconditional love, each are different expressions of the force.

How and when does that show in our lives and how can Astrology put these manifestations of love into perspective to navigate the inevitability of love. This will be an astrological exercise requiring some astrological understanding as well as fun. Combining your Pluto, south Moon node, and the Moon herself, pick a favorite song of yours from your past.

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Then pick another for your Sun. Lastly, pick a third that feels like your Pluto polarity point, north node, and Ascendant all combined. Important: Have these 3 songs on your phone ready to be streamed for your performance!

For all of us souls born at this time, we have inherited thousands of years of confusion and pain in regards to the nature of human intimacy and sexual energy. As we awaken to a more full understanding of self and world, we are inevitably drawn to examine and face some of our most tightly held beliefs, fears and traumas regarding sexuality and intimate relationship. In this talk Ari Moshe will unravel these themes in the natal chart focusing predominately on the Saturn Moon relationship in our natal charts and the transit of Saturn in the sky.